You are a woman who is dedicated to opening the doors to her heart unequivocally and who has a deeply felt sense of spirituality as expressed in its’ mystical rather than didactic sensing. To witness and share with someone who has this dimension so clearly manifest and without dogma is a great gift.

– Carole

In your presence I experience true listening and appreciation, being seen, frequent laughter and a healthy sense of perspective.

– Mira

I am inspired by your courageous choice to follow your heart and that ‘still, small voice’ to take your life in a new direction. I think your life has prepared you to help others discover their truths, their desires and find the courage to move toward them, just as you have.

– Brinnie

What seems to come naturally to you is a deep listening and reflection. There is a quiet stream that flows deep in you. I feel you making sense of life even when it doesn’t make sense, leaving room for that which cannot be known in the present moment time to unfold.

– Jeanine

I feel your quiet and caring. I feel quieter and curious. I feel a great depth of life experience and healing momentum within you. I see you as a mentor, a map maker, as someone who is seeking and has gifts to share from her journey, simply by the life you live. You’ve created a safe, spiritual space.

– Stacy

Love your laughter, I hear it and I can laugh more. Life cracks you up. I also experience deep listening, your voice can change from that laughter to tenderness and concern and I feel you with me. You lead with mountain lion energy, lead just by doing your life.

– Pam

I am safe in your presence. I feel welcomed and not judged. I feel listened to and deeply accepted. This is a rare offering.

– Jo